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Fed Statement Day
Once again, the markets have come to the day when the Federal Reserve Open Market Committee (FOMC) releases their statement regarding interest rates and their economic forecast. What to expect? Absolutely nothing on the interest rate front. As I have said before every meeting since rates went to essentially 0%, the Fed is not going […]

Turnaround Tuesday
Stocks continue to be oversold in the short-term and a bounce is likely as soon as today. It’s Tuesday so don’t be surprised to hear the media focus on this historical reversal day. As I have mentioned before, I do not believe this is the rally to buy or chase. More than likely, stocks will […]

China Again
A few weeks ago, I published a piece about the Shanghai having further to fall. Chinese Market Collapse Not Over Last night, Chinese stocks saw their largest decline since February 27, 2007, a day I vividly remember as I was running money for a hedge fund in Boston and about to leave for a week’s […]

Homebuilders Still Offering Opportunities
The other week, I did an interesting segment with the good folks at Yahoo Finance regarding real estate, housing and the home building sector. You can view it HERE. In my 2015 Fearless Forecast, the home builders were one of my top sector plays for 2015 and they have not disappointed so far, although others […]

Trouble Brewing Beneath the Surface
The more I analyze, the more I don’t like. The number of stocks participating in this rally has not been encouraging, but Friday’s action along with today so far is becoming eerily similar to that of 1999. Notice I said 1999 and not 2000. Valuations are nowhere near as egregious nor is sentiment showing much […]

Chinese Market Collapse Not Over
I remember the outrage when the government sought to pull off TARP in 2008, first buying troubled, illiquid assets from the big banks which then morphed into outright capital injections into the banks. When QE was announced, the calls were equally as emotional, not to mention the myriad of special Fed programs designed to provide […]

Another Bad Deal… Iran
We woke up this morning to learn that the big western nations struck a deal with Iran to lift the economic embargo in return for nuclear concessions. In life, I have always tried to avoid rewarding bad behavior. Once you start down that path, it never ends. Just look what happened in this country with […]

Reboot Greece
Since the latest “crisis” in Greece unfolded in the markets almost two weeks ago, I continued to offer that China was the real problem, but Greece was dominating the headlines. Greece doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things, economically or market-wise. And even though they struck an absolutely horrific deal for their country, […]

Q3 Stock Market Scenarios Unfolding Nicely
Last week after the Dow plunged 350 points and began to bounce, I offered the two most probable scenarios for stocks, both of which included new multi-month lows before any real rally would begin. Stock Market Scenarios for Q3 My conclusion was, “just because we saw extreme readings on Monday doesn’t mean that the ultimate […]

Rip Off the Band-Aid Greece
As the early tally in Greece showed overwhelming support for the NO camp, meaning they wanted to reject more austerity, markets around the globe braced for another round of strong selling. As usual, the pundits got it wrong. Almost every single interview I watched or read had the vote almost a dead heat. “Famed” investor […]

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