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Stay Long & Strong
Similar to August 2nd when coiled up stocks broke to the downside and wiped out more than two weeks of gains, the S&P 500 did essentially the same thing on Wednesday. While it was only a .50% decline, the media turned it into a big deal; it’s not. Could stocks weaken more? Yes. Should we […]

Don’t Fall Asleep
Heading into the new week, we have more of the same. Stocks are trading in an historically tight range. The longer this continues, the greater the move when the range ends. As I always mention, many times you will see the market move out of one side of the range and fake out the masses […]

Will the Island Top Kill the Bull???
It’s been a little longer in between updates as I was traveling in Florida for a board meeting as well as seeing some clients and visiting relatives. My 98 year old grandmother says “hello”. I feel like I need a break from eating after so many fantastic meals not to mention great conversation all around. […]

Clown Parade Continues
On Twitter and I have been fairly aggressive in calling out the so called “masters of the universe” in their widespread and uniform calls for a stock market collapse… for months. To me, it’s like a parade of clowns who have continued to lose credibility. Being early is the same as being wrong. And […]

Is THIS the Week When the Sky Falls?
Roughly one month ago, after an historic lift off post BREXIT, stocks had become overbought which is a technical term for a little too far too fast. Most pundits in the media were calling for a pullback before they would buy. As I have discussed for longer than I have been writing this blog, the […]

Hillary’s Impact on Stocks
Since the historic breadth thrust in stocks after the BREXIT, the market has certainly quieted down. I have written about the “coil” for two weeks and nothing has really changed. There is a big move coming sooner than later! I am keenly watching leadership for signs that a fresh leg higher towards Dow 20K has […]

Careful Getting too Negative
Last week, I wrote about stocks being “coiled” up and ready for a big move. I also warned that many times, we see a fake in the opposite direction of the trend that shakes weak investors out, only to see a reversal from there. Today, the major stock market indices are finally seeing the bout […]

What’s SUPPOSED to Happen versus What ACTUALLY Happens
Earlier this week, I mentioned that stocks were coiled up and looking for a big move. Since then, only the NASDAQ 100 has done anything and that was really just on Apple’s earnings beat. Overall, it’s been a very quiet week without any volatility at all. That’s likely to change sooner than later, but unlikely […]

Not so Special, Special Fed Update
Let me begin this special FOMC update by saying that all three very short-term markets trends based on the Fed’s meeting ending today have lower probability of success this week although there may be a sign pointing to lower prices by the end of the week. Stay tuned. Without a crisis like 2008, Janet Yellen […]

Stocks Coiled Up for a Move
Good Monday Morning! If you looked for me on FOX Business last Friday, I wasn’t there as the attack in Germany meant more geopolitical news and less market discussion. My segment was rescheduled for 2:50 pm this Wednesday which is right after the Fed concludes their meeting and announces no change in interest rates. There’s […]

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