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“IF” – Something Ain’t Right
IF the employment data are improving… IF retail sales remain strong… IF the Fed is tapering because the economy is doing better… IF consumer sentiment is constructive… IF shipments at Port of LA see largest increase in 7 years… IF, IF, IF… Then why is the most economically sensitive bond’s yield falling out of bed […]

Rally, Decline… Outcomes Abound
The stock market begins the post holiday week in neutral territory after the mid week bottom last week that I discussed on Yahoo Finance. The day before Good Friday is usually up less than 0.50% and that ended up coming true. The Monday after Good Friday, which is also the first day after April option […]

Bulls Step Up… Kinda Sorta
What a great day I had in New York with my friends at Yahoo Finance and Fox Business. In all, there should be five segments posted over the coming week. I began the day at Yahoo with Jeff Macke doing a piece called The Rally Has Begun and Here’s How to Play it. Click on […]

Media Day
I am heading to New York to first visit my friends at Yahoo Finance and their Breakout show with Jeff Macke. By week’s end, they should have 2-3 segments created on their website from our discussion. After that, it’s on to Fox Business to spend 30 minutes with Maria Bartiromo on her new show Opening […]

Stocks Remain in Pullback Mode
With the major indices down 4-8% I am once again getting questions whether the bull market has ended and a multi-year decline is unfolding. I don’t think so.The New York Stock Exchange Cumulative Advance/Decline line recently scored an all time high. When bull markets end, we typically see this indicator peak months, quarters or even […]

Market stems sell-off but volatility is here to stay
Thanks for the quote Jeff Benjamin! Click here for article   Market stems sell-off but volatility is here to stay Advisers agree investors need to stay calm and avoid knee-jerk selling By Jeff Benjamin Apr 8, 2014 @ 11:39 am (Updated 5:39 pm) EST Print E-mail Reprints 13Shares Bloomberg News The short and sudden streak […]

U-G-L-Y Day on Thursday
The stock market had a very rough day on Thursday with all of the major indices breaking down below all short-term support levels for the chartists out there. There is no other way to characterize than UGLY. Keep in mind, however, that so far, all we have seen are 3-6% declines. It feels much worse […]

Bull market intact after “good flat” first quarter, but changes afoot
Thanks for the quote Jeff Benjamin. In a three-month stretch of extreme winter weather, unexpected geopolitical unrest, a Federal Reserve chairmanship transition, and a continuing sluggish economy, investors should be happy with a 1% first-quarter gain by the S&P 500. In essence, even without a lot of good news during the quarter, the financial […]

It’s All Negative
It was an interesting reading weekend. Everything I read was negative about the stock market, which is very unusual. Bulls became bears and bears were beating their chests. Not a single piece was positive. After last Friday’s market drubbing, the bears would normally come out, but so would the “buy the dip” bulls. And yesterday, […]

CNBC’s Squawk Box Monday at 6:30 AM
I am excited to be with Joe, Becky and Andrew on CNBC’s Squawk Box on Monday the 31st at 6:30 AM. We will be discussing the markets, the wrong way Fed and the latest comments from Putin regarding the Ukraine. There should be a new issue of Street$marts out later on Monday. Enjoy the rest […]

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